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East Lansing Tenant & Smart Entry App FAQ

East Lansing Tenant FAQ

East Lansing Storage has the answers you seek when you have questions about your unit or how the process works. You need time to acquaint yourself with the ins and outs of our facility, and we encourage you to ask questions about anything you are uncertain about. Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, please reach out to us and we are more than happy to help.

Do you offer truck or trailer rentals?
We are an authorized U-Haul neighborhood dealer that offers 24/7 rentals. To see the equipment available at our location, visit uhaul.com, enter your desired rental information, and select East Lansing Storage as your pickup to see what is available for your desired date and time.

What are your office hours? What are your access hours?
Office hours are available Monday through Saturday, from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Sunday office hours are available from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Access hours are available 24/7. We would like to note that this can be changed due to a breach of the lease.

Where are you located? Is there a sign or a nearby landmark?
We are located on the corner of Lansing Road (Old M-78) and Saginaw Highway. We are east of the entrance to I-69 and Exit 92. We are directly west of Speedway (with another right around the corner off Marsh) and you will either turn left onto Lansing Road exiting off 92, turning right from East Saginaw Highway, or turn right due west on Lansing Road. You will see a dual entrance with rocks in the median. You will follow that drive all the way north until you see our building, East Lansing Storage.

How will my discount be applied to my account?
All discounts are applied to the first full month.

Do you accept cash?
We do not accept cash nor do we have cash onsite.

How do I make my monthly payment?
Your card will be stored in our system through autopay so you will not have to worry about logging onto our website or coming onsite to pay.

When do I make my monthly payment?
Your card will be charged automatically on the first of each month.

Do you charge a late fee?
We give a five-day grace period for payments. Your card is automatically charged on the first of the month. If you have not paid by the fifth of the month, you will be charged a convenience fee of $25.00 that day for payment outside of our billing cycle.

Can I remove autopay?
Autopay is required for move-in, but you can remove it after logging into your account on eastlansingstorage.com. You can also call the facility to have it removed.

Smart Entry App FAQ

East Lansing Storage is in the business of providing amenities to make your experience storing your belongings a good one. Our fully fenced-in facility is gated and entry is available through Bluetooth capabilities. Our storage units utilize keyless entry, and by using our Smart Entry App, you no longer have to keep up with locks and keys and you can rest easy knowing your unit is personalized to your mobile device. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions we receive.

I don’t have a smartphone, how will I enter my storage?

For anyone who does not own a smartphone, we offer key fobs to use which don’t require an app or a smartphone. The key fob costs $35.00. For any lost or damaged key fobs, tenants will be charged $250.00 upon moving out to replace them.

Am I allowed multiple key fobs for others who may need access to my unit?

Yes, you may get multiple key fobs. Remember that these will cost $35.00 per fob and you will be charged $250.00 per key fob for any that are lost or damaged.

If I rent more than one unit, will I need more than one key fob?

No, as one key fob can be synced to multiple units.

I have a large single unit that has two doors. Will I receive digital access to both?

Yes. In your app, you will see “Unit #A” and “Unit #B.” Unit #A will be your north door and Unit #B will be your south door.

Can I use my app without Wi-Fi?

You will need Wi-Fi to download the app. Once the app is downloaded and Bluetooth is turned on, you will not need Wi-Fi or cellular data to access the building, gate, or your unit.

Why isn’t my unit appearing in my app? Or, why does my app say “Not In Range” while I’m at the facility?

This could be happening because the app is out of sync. First, try tapping the green refresh button on your home screen. If that doesn’t work, sign out of the app, sign back in, and refresh again. If that doesn’t work, have an East Lansing Storage employee start a help ticket with Nokē.

How can I let other people have access to my unit when I am not there?

Option 1: Once you download the app, and your units are visible, in the top right-hand corner, there is a link that says “Share Access.” Click on it and enter the phone number of the person you wish to share access with. You can share indefinitely or for a certain period of time.
Option 2: Share access with the manager and the manager can remote unlock from the front office for your guest.

Why is my unit flashing blue?

A flashing blue light means the battery is almost dead or dead. An employee will be there as soon as possible to replace it for you.